“Why Making Movies Sucks” – Charlie Kaufman

“Why Making Movies Sucks” – Charlie Kaufman

Charlie Kaufman Explains Why Making Movies ‘Sucks’ and why everyone is running scared!

Making films are no small feat, whether they are large budget or smaller independent features. The truth of the matter is that if a film isn’t perceived as having commercial potential there really is no place for them in the business, which is a frightening thought because it completely undermines any possibility of really great non-commercial films like Kaufman’s “Adaptation”. The irony is if you are making those types of movies, the 100 million dollars ones, they really do have to do well. Not only that, they have to be very very conventional so that they can do well because no one is going to be spending that kind of money on something they don’t have a kind of certainty about. Kaufman, an Oscar winner, explains that if you make a superhero movie that looks like it should do well and doesn’t do well, you don’t get fired for it. But if you make a movie that no one thinks is going to do well and you take a chance on it doing well… well, you don’t have a job anymore. He says that “everyone is running scared” and thinks it sucks for audiences and for filmmakers alike because people aren’t being fed anything substantial.”

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