iSight: the new iPhone 6 Plus is out

iSight: the new iPhone 6 Plus is out

The new iPhone 6 Plus is out, boasting a bigger screen, a heavier weight, a thinner size, upgraded video and a longer battery life than its predecessor the iPhone 5s. The major advantage of this phone is the big screen, as a bigger screen = more pixels + more information.

iSight: The 8MP camera has quick auto-focus similar to that of an SLR, and a wider aperture to let more light in. The video function captures 240 frames per second allowing for a new slow-motion HD video feature. A “burst selfies” feature will satisfy our selfie crazy generation because you can take a whole bunch of pictures and sift through until you find the right one. And finally, this camera offers optical image stabilization, so no more blurry photos. Thanks to upgraded Wi-Fi, you can upload your photos to your favourite social media three times faster. It’s the image quality that deserves a mention as Apple has improved the way images are processed in terms of colour and detail rendition meaning less post-production work.

iPhoneography, Hipstamatic and Instagram mean that everyone is a photographer taking part in a perpetual photographic exhibition comprised of pets, food, selfies, experiences etc. With a camera like iSight, a discourse is created around photography now: Can we use the term amateur photographer/videographer anymore? Can we still distinguish what is a ‘good’ photo and what isn’t? And lastly, where does this leave professional photographers and videographers?

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