iPhoneography: simple apps, pro pics

iPhoneography: simple apps, pro pics

There are a variety of apps that iPhone photographers utilize to edit and instantaneously proliferate photos, rather than using other editing software on a laptop or computer.

Union App: as seen on the soundtrack cover of David Fincher’s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, Union allows iOS users to combine and edit photos by automatically masking and blending, which is time consuming in Photoshop. This ease is available at $1.99.

VSCO Cam: comparable with Instagram, VSCO Cam is a free platform for Android and iOS users to shoot, edit and share photographs. It caters for the creatives, allowing a user to find and follow other users.

Hipstamatic: this app has been used for a long time now, giving users a few options for proliferating creative work: Cinematic, Oggl and Classic. Also going for $1.99.

Perspective Correct: fixes distortion in photos by giving users control over the horizontal and vertical perspective by rotating and adjusting the corners of a photograph. Going for $0.99.

Snapseed: a simple photo app where a user can adjust photos with filters, borders, auto-correct tools and can focus blurred imagery. It can be used on any smart phone and any computer, for free.

ProHDR: for those who aren’t aware, HDR stands for “high dynamic range” meaning that a greater and more dynamic ¬†light range is achieved by combining different exposure times from differently lit scenes. Using this app, a user can fix blown out objects and can bring out details in shadows. It is designed for iPhone and iPad users going for $1.99.

Photo Toaster: this all-in-one much loved app has a huge amount of preset and custom functions, which is why the app costs $2,99.

Mextures: as the name suggests, this app allows a user to apply textures (like film grains, light leaks and gradients) to your photos. This allows for surreal and original compositions. $1.99.

Over: I love font. You can overlay custom made text onto your pics with this app. $1.99

Camera+: what’s different about this app is that it’s not only a post-shoot edit app; it helps you shoot a good image. After you shoot, it helps you manage, edit, border and caption your photos for $1.99.

Matter: 3D objects and their shadows and reflections, which can be personalized, can be added to your photos! $1.99.

Superimpose: this app lets you superimpose one photo on top of another via cutting and masking to create a new image. $0.99.

Distressed FX: in screen printing jargon, to ‘distress’ is to intentionally weather, so that the print appears as something that has been over used or ‘vintage’ Thus, this app lets you apply “arty” texture and blur ‘distress’-like effects to your photos. $0.99

Filterstorm Neue: another all-in-one editor, with features accessible to amateurs, skilled photographers and photojournalists. $3.99

iPhoneography photographers seem to use a mixture of the above apps for editing one photo in order to get a unique and high quality result to share on social media.


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