Friday Fun: Popcorn

Friday Fun: Popcorn

Popcorn is synonymous with the movie theatre. Here are some interesting facts following how this came to be so:

Initially, in the 20s in America, movie theaters were to mirror stage theaters which were very grand, so no was popcorn allowed inside as it would sully that image.

As films moved into the talkies, a more varied audience visited movie theaters. The Great Depression came about and people would smuggle popcorn into movies as it was the only thing they could afford. This meant popcorn vendors who sat outside theaters and sold popcorn were doing better in terms of making money than movie theaters, and so movie theater owners began to introduce popcorn machines inside movie theaters. This pulled the movie theater business out of bankruptcy.

The 50s in America meant families stayed home and had home popcorn whilst watching the TV. This meant a lull in both the popcorn and movie theatre industry.

The microwave oven came about because of popcorn. Magnetrons were initially used as weapons during WWII. Afterwards, magnetrons were morphed into commercial microwaves by an engineer and inventor – they did a lab test by dropping a kernel in and it popped into a popcorn. Microwave popcorn became the rage thereafter.

Nowadays, half the profit generated by movie theaters comes from selling popcorn: it’s true that we pay quite a lot of money to snack on popcorn!

And so to conclude, if there was no popcorn, there would be no movie theaters for everyone to enjoy!

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