A drama about a lonely security guard, working the graveyard shift in a colossal Johannesburg shopping mall, who finds solace in a storefront mannequin.


MORRIS (mid 40’s) is a lonely security guard who works the graveyard shift in a massive Joburg mall. Catatonic, he patrols its barren hallways, like he’s given up on life. After a RELATIVE drops off a bag containing a woman’s clothes, we learn that Morris recently lost his wife.

The next night, Morris comes across a nude, white MANNEQUIN in a storefront window. The mannequin’s arm has fallen off, so Morris breaks protocol and goes into the store to fix her. As he does so, he begins to speak to her in his own language, and even names her (MBALI). This is a moment that, for now, just seems to be an attempt to overcome his boredom.

The following shift, Morris goes back to the same store, and invites Mbali to join him for his smoke break. Thus begins a peculiar relationship between Morris and Mbali, as they share in several tender moments.

Morris’ supervisor, JP, soon discovers his strange behaviour and calls him in. During this meeting it becomes clear to us, and JP, that Morris has begun to believe that Mbali is a living, breathing human being, even if she is nothing more than a piece of plastic. JP is left with little choice but to fire him.

Morris leaves without putting up a fight, but the thought of not having Mbali in his life is too much to bear. Breaking into the mall, he takes Mbali, apparently, against her will.

Morris delivers her back to his informal shack. Although he has completely lost touch with reality, for the first time, in a very long time, he is content.


Background on the project:

In 2011 “Security” was selected from hundreds of entries as one of 5 winning screenplays by Focus Features, as a part of their Africa First Program. The US based Focus Features are an internationally acclaimed production house, responsible for such films as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Brokeback Mountain, 9, Eastern Promises, Lost in Translation and Atonement.

The film was shot in July 2012 on location in Sandton City shopping mall, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Film Festivals:

2013 – London Film Festival (United Kingdom) – Official Selection
2013 – Africa International Film Festival (Nigeria) – Official Selection
2014 – Jozi Film Festival (South Africa) – Official Selection (WINNER BEST SHORT FILM)
2014 – Colours of the Nile International Film Festival (Ethiopia) – Official Selection
2014 – Pan African Film Festival (USA) – Official Selection

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