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About This Project

Written by Marc Bloom, House of Darkness follows a father who accepts a surveying position for the summer and bring his family along to a remote part of Africa, unaware of an evil presence which awaits them.

The Hutton’s are a good American family who enjoy the American way of life.

Mike Hutton is a renowned professor of anthropology who is offered a once in a lifetime business deal by a wealthy, influential property mogul.

Mike’s task is easy. He must travel to South Africa inspect a piece of land in the Northern province of Limpopo and empirically disprove the existence of a curse that is said to plague the area – in order for construction of the exclusive housing estate to move ahead. For a practical man like Mike, where superstition and curses don’t exist, this will be an easy task. Mike convinces his wife Trish and hormonal teenage daughter, Stephanie, who wants nothing to do with Africa, to join him on his trip.

The house is a large Victorian-built monstrosity, which doesn’t sit well with Stephanie and for good reason. The locals warn Mike that the house is the hunting ground of a Tokoloshe – a cursed, demonic being said to corrupt all that is pure and innocent in the world. And nothing is as innocent as the soul of their teenage daughter….

Mike however believes that after spending a little time in the house, they’ll all learn to love it. How wrong can a man be? Stephanie is targeted and stalked by the malevolent creature that entices her to do terrible things. Soon, the family is besieged by a torrent of dark and terrifying phenomena — insects, apparitions, voices and murder infest the Hutton family, bringing out family secrets and ripping open old wounds. Stephanie starts to slip away as her nature turns violent, and sinister, slowly succumbing to the dark possession of the Tokoloshe…

With the prospect of losing his family forever, Mike must open his mind and heal the wounds of the past, or face losing them in a haunted house with a very unique African flavour


House of Darkness

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