Danny Boyle Explains Why He Doesn’t Usually Make Big Studio Movies

Danny Boyle Explains Why He Doesn’t Usually Make Big Studio Movies

In an interview at the Telluride Film Festival, Danny Boyle was quite explicit in saying that he isn’t interested in making films that are tentpoles that self-advertise themselves. When asked what he meant, he expressed quite clearly that comic book movies don’t have to struggle to get people to go see them. He on the other hand is resolved in that he has to work very hard to get people to give his films a chance, and is happy to do so. That truth is, he doesn’t think he is very good at making big studio films because they usually involve Americans, growing up in America, which is something that he is far removed from. He thinks it is a native industry and doesn’t believe he can answer the simplest questions about a country he didn’t grow up in. He prefers to think of himself as an outsider who occasionally enjoys dipping his toe in other ponds. Ideally, he wants to make very personal films that appeal on a huge level because in that way, more people will get to experience it. He wants to make the films challenging and interesting, but also accessible. He knows he doesn’t always succeed but believes that the definition of success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. He enjoys to stumble on…

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