Christopher Nolan Praises 35mm Film

Christopher Nolan Praises 35mm Film

Christopher Nolan Praises 35mm Film and Explains the Merits of its Continued Use.

It’s difficult to think of a moment in history where a medium, such as film, has come under such threat. The thing is, if we don’t protect it, it’s going to go away, especially with an estimated 98% of films in the UK projected digitally, and the widely held assumption that there is no qualitative difference for a film shot on celluloid. So it is always satisfying to see mainstream filmmakers like Nolan who is fighting for the team, championing cinema itself rather than simply their own work. He was recently seen on stage at the BFI South Bank discussing “the future of film. He explicitly stated that he will only ever shoot on film, ensuring that films continue to be projected on celluloid. Nolan went on to say that there are often conversations with studio heads where filmmakers advocate for shooting on and projecting on film. But often, there is a misunderstanding that storytelling ought to triumph the medium. The crux of it is that it doesn’t. If it did, we would be making radio shows, because they’re a lot cheaper.

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